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Palazzo Gaddi Firenze 4 stars near the historic center
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Palazzo Gaddi Firenze

Embracing art

In choosing Florence, you’ve chosen to immerse yourself completely in the art and beauty of the Italian Renaissance. That’s why the Hotel Palazzo Gaddi Firenze is the ideal choice for your stay. You’ll be accommodated in the rooms of the Palazzo Gaddi and Palazzo Arrighetti, historic buildings belonging to noble Florentine families, where art recounts the passage of centuries every step of the way, from the lobby to your room. Indeed, it was while living at Palazzo Gaddi that the great English author John Milton found inspiration for his masterpiece, Paradise Lost, and in these very rooms that he wrote it.

The nobility of the luxury Hotel Palazzo Gaddi Firenze is also reflected in its location: the church of Santa Maria Novella, abounding in great art, is right nearby (as is the convenient railway station of the same name), and a short stroll will take you directly to Florence’s historic centre. An undeniable advantage that puts the most beautiful areas of the city right at your fingertips.

The prestigious conference rooms of the luxury Hotel Palazzo Gaddi Firenze, decorated in the Florentine Baroque style, are the perfect backdrop for important events. The hotel offers wonderful opportunities for wedding in Florence with its handsomely furnished reception rooms and can be the ideal choice for a wedding.

Florence – Palazzo Gaddi Firenze – Luxury Hotel

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